Who am I?

I'm not just educated, I'm forged in experience

If I were to write all of the normal boring things about me you would expect to see on this page, you might fall asleep. The straight-to-the-heart point is I am a pro-graphic designer and business confidence coach.

Here is the truth. I get you. Let’s skip to that. My business was a calling, I did not seek it out. I did not wake up to an epiphany that I wanted to be an entreprenuer, my route was more twisty. It was thrown into my lap, unasked for, out of pure rock-bottom necessity.

My business emerged from the burned down ashes of a tough period of my life. That was my spiritual change that kicked me in the ass to propel me through the door of change. I didn’t seek my calling, it found me.

Everything in my life changed in a blink of an eye. My health changed me and left me with a life I didn’t recognize with zero warning. I had to step away from my college education and a career I fought for with zero notice.

There was no plan B. I felt like a failure. It hurt to look at my family and feel I was a letdown for things far out of my control. Fibromyalgia stole everything from me and life was never the same. Thankfully it wasn’t and I was forced into motion, but it took years to see how lucky I would be for that fateful change.

This is how I have come to know the place most business owners find themselves in, just like you. There was zero grace in my journey, no lattes or macaroons. Instead, it was sheer grit and determination, and the fight of my life to find a new life.

I get the sleepless nights of:

  • How in the hell have I worked 12 hours with nothing to show?
  • Nobody is going to buy this shit, who would ever want what I have to sell?
  • I don’t know how all these people are doing it, why can’t I succeed?
  • I have to make money, period, and fast.
  • This feast or famine cycle is going to kill me.
  • How do I tell my family business bottomed out this month?
  • Why am I spending all this time to let someone benefit off my work and I build their business while ignorning my own?
  • I have no idea how to do #allthethings, there are so many things, where do I start?
  • How can I do all of this when the thought of getting visible scares the hell out of me to record myself on video?

Well, here is how. You breathe. You are in the right place. You need me like a moth to a flame, and here is why. I am not only professionally trained and have years of corporate experience in my craft, I am also battlefield tested. I had to survive to change my story, and now I can show you how to change your business journey from frustrating to knowing exactly what to work on.

It is time to quit with the never accomplishing anything despite all your effort. 64 tabs open, messaging on the phone, and never finishing that blog post, anyone? I know you are wanting to just get directly to working on your business in a way you make traction and cut all the spinning your wheels. You need FOCUS.

We all battle the place of insecurity, I can show you how to look at what is holding you back and challenge that inner-bitch, the voice that says you will never be able to do this! You will learn how to rewrite the voices in your head of your outer critics, as well. You need CONFIDENCE.

In the trenches, you need to understand how to stop looking at other businesses and how to push aside common pitfalls that await every business owner. Years of trial and education are how I can help you put the right blinders on that walk you directly down your path. You need a MENTOR.

I want to do this because I have been that girl down on her knees in complete and utter loss. Branding and design are my profession. Helping you is my life passion, brought to me through my own life’s dark night. It changed me to help you. What really is deep in my heart is helping someone else know they can do this and I have watched the metamorphises from a catepiller to a butterfly in many lives. Now I want to help you.

With that being said, you do need to be ready. I may be able to design you a killer brand, but you need to do your work to become that brand. I can guide you and design for you, or any combination thereof. What I do know are there are certain people that I work well with.

This is for you IF:

  • You can say you are ready to focus and put in the work
  • You know there is something more
  • You understand YOU are accountable, I am merely your guide and mentor
  • You want to take a more direct path to understanding WHAT to work on in your business
  • You have the positivity to want more for life and reach for it
  • You are ready to shed old programming
  • You may also want branding in the future, but I only work with select clients that are in the right space for this.
  • You understand that I don’t set up tech, but I this is something we can discuss, depending on the needs.

This is not for you if:

  • You are just starting out and don’t have your business name and focus picked out
  • You are negative and need prodding to keep moving
  • Refuse to get visible and do the mindset work
  • Want me to skip payments and babysit your finances to invest.
Yes, I would love to explore coaching! Swipe right! 🙂