DIY Ebook – Graphic Design Magic For The Beginner

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Does graphic design confuse you? Do you wonder where to get stock images? Have you felt confused with how to work with a designer? Our Ebook can help explain these common issues!


Often new business owners feel frustrated when trying to design marketing pieces for their business. As a designer, I know the struggle is real.

This guide will help those of you that are bootstrapping your business. I so get it, who has money to throw at graphics when you are brand new? The answer is not everyone, that is for sure!

While I do suggest not skimping on the area of design, if you can’t afford a designer, I put together some tips of resources to help you on your journey! In this 22 page eBook, I walk you through how to cut corners, if needed.

We talk about what programs to try, a comprehensive list of FREE resources for icons and stock photos and what pitfalls to avoid. I also provide you with tips to work with a graphic designer, and what to look for when hiring one.