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You can pay many thousands of dollars to have your brand designed and that is just your logo! Don’t have the money to get your branding professionally designed? This package offers you the whole kit-and-kaboodle and it is perfect for those just getting started out. Did I mention it is designed by a professional graphic designer? Avoid the headaches of hoping you like your design, revision time turn-around, and save big money! With our professionally designed brand packages, you get:


~ Download your final logo in 3 useable formats, .eps, .pdf, .jpg

~ Name added professionally to your logo

~ Mood Board ( This conveys your brand feel)

~ Style Guide (This will convey your font names, color codes upon purchase)

~ Professional design from a degreed and experienced designer.



Your package can be downloaded from this site, after your purchase. This includes the logo symbol, without the name. You can add your name to the logo symbol given to you or I will do 1 free revision of adding your name, only, then your new files will be sent to you.

Fonts suggested require a license, per user. The suggested font names are given on your style guide. If you desire to purchase the fonts for your use, additional pricing may apply depending on where you get your fonts. Googling the font name will give buying options, sometimes free options can also be found. If you use free fonts, you will want to make sure they are free for commercial use.

*Refunds are not given once purchased due to the product being able to be downloaded. Packages cannot be resold, but affiliate options are available!


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