Many of you that may follow me on our second, sister Instagram account, Minnesota Nice List, will see the adventures I am always up to. I have decided to join some of my travels and treasures into a new connection with our website, rocks, crystals & art sales!

Included in our shop you will start to see rocks, minerals, and crystals starting to fill up our sales page!

Living in the Northland of Minnesota, the beauty of the woods and Lake Superior is second to none, dripping with all the fresh air, stunning views, and backwoods experience one could ever want.

One of my passions is to hunt semi-precious gems called Lake Superior agates. I have been a rock hound easily since I was 3, my earliest memories of rock picking in gravel pits with my family warm my heart.

Lake Superior Agate

Beautiful LSA from our hunts!

Now anyone that knows me knows that I have an affinity for pretty things, usually drug home from beaches, dirt roads, or gravel pits in the form of agate, quartz, or some other treasure!

This summer led to a whole other level of rockhounding obsession when we went to South Dakota. Now if you haven’t been, I have to tell you, this is a rock hounds dream.

It blew my mind to think of the fossils, petrified wood, tourmaline, rose quartz, and other rocks and minerals I would find.

Visiting local rock shops was a BLAST, but hunting for our own rocks like Fairburn agates and fossils was the best memory a girl could ever have!

Standing on land where mammoths walked was more than my mind could even handle. Walking prairies without a tree in sight while watching black storms blow in over the rolling hills was breathtaking as big double rainbows hung overhead.

During my trip, I was blessed to have had the experience to be able to procure some of the fun specimens of fossils and rock that I encountered.

I hope you like the new update to our website and have fun shopping treasures handpicked or even found by me!

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