Many of my clients are very spiritual in their callings. Through my work with the people I serve, one thing has remained glaringly clear. Many struggle to lean inward and claim who they are, inherently. The failure to conjoin their public face with their inner being creates a monumental rift. Until the two are united, they never project their purest message to those they wish to follow them.

Times are changing, my friend. Now, more than ever we are needed to share our journey of healing and our gifts of light to the world. Women, especially, are rising from depths to claim our rightful places. We are shaking off patriarchal chains that silenced our powerful voices.

You are being called to share your personal journey with the masses. It takes strength, but it is time to share the truest part of your deepest self, and that will make you vulnerable. Feel it. Own it. Overcome it.

It is time to shed your doubt of not-enoughness, cast off those that kept our voices hidden away, and claim your place with many other healers, intuitives, and the powerful beings we all are really meant to be.

Stop doubting people need to hear your message, step into the light and claim the true essence of who you are as a human. In my business circles, many people constantly hide behind the veil of who they are. How, may I ask, are you truly sharing with the world your message from behind the haze of a curtain?

Your calling is summoning forth the women and men who wish to follow you, the one that is forged in the fires of your journey. They, too, want to know how to harden their mettle, as you did, and learn to travel the road you have already been down. They want to learn your gifts.

Your followers need to know the true you. In order to resonate with people, they need to truly know that you understand them in their deepest struggles and strongest desires.

What makes you unique is what makes you stand out and reach the heart of your audience. I had to realize that I was profoundly affecting my business by being too scared to show who I really am. I kept that part under lock and key. What this really accomplished was watering down my fiery self, I became grey while concealing my kaleidoscope of colors just under the surface.

With my bland messaging, nobody learned to about the woman that overcame the loss of career, loss of health, or the crumbling of the foundation of her life. I was broken. Truly. Completely.

My followers never learned about the phoenix that rose from the ashes to rebuild herself, to uplift her world, to reclaim her purpose even though she felt all was lost. I never shared my soul message of how I did the shadow work needed to heal.

Wouldn’t that story be much more influential than a girl who does branding and wants to design your logo and marketing? Can you imagine how powerful that message would have been?

If you hear nothing else, hear this. I want to reach each person that wants to work their magic, I want to look at each of you and say you MUST let the past go to step into your future. Do what you must to feel free to speak your truth. Unfriend those people that judge you, clear your path to let the world know your gifts.

It is time to…

  • Quit worrying what your family and friends think. Lean into you
  • To stop shutting down or shrinking your giftedness to make other people comfortable with your “normalness”
  • Allow yourself to reach your income goals and stop fear and self-doubt from holding you back. Let go
  • Step into the visionary you are meant to be. Show who you are in your work and life. Get visible
  • Share your story, people have to know your story to align and follow you. Let the light in
  • Claim your desires. Make the decisions of what it is you wish to receive. Allow it
  • Stretch yourself. Begin talking to everyone about who you are that you are hiding. Get out of the spiritual closet
  • Align yourself with everything you put forth in your business. Make sure it reflects your most authentic self. Be vulnerable

My moment in life came when I realized I lived in 2 very different lives. Never feeling aligned with my truest nature, I always felt detached and depressed, what a heavy burden to hide from the world!

Look in your life and analyze where your voices come from that tell you that you are not enough. I challenge you to rewrite each and every one of those voices identifying who said them, where they came from, and write your new truth.

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