Failing forward in business.

Starting your own business isn’t for the faint of heart and is a game of positive mental mindset work. While rewarding, being your own boss can be confusing. Every small business owner feels the peeks of success and the valleys of doubt. What is important is how to keep you moving forward when you feel like throwing in the towel. An important mindset component is to understand you WILL fail, but keeping on the path of your goal, despite failure is the lesson that matters.

The perks of working in your underwear after just rolling out of the rack aren’t always enough to carry you through the mental game of loving your business. I can attest to ugly crying in the shower wondering why in the hell I subject myself to the entrepreneurial menstrual cramps, that truth-be-told happened about once a month when my business was new. I was in a constant state of falling out of love with the laptop lifestyle.

On our best days, fear and frustration can creep in, launching our mind into a downward spiral of self- deprecating thoughts. There are days I have felt on top of the world, and then there are weeks where I look at my business and I want to burn the bitch to the ground. Let’s put down the pitchforks (and your coffee mug you want to throw) and chat about how to overcome the inevitable hard times.

One of the best lessons I have learned on my journey is to fail forward. When I heard this I thought, what the hell does that mean? Surely, you are wondering how this translates to you? It means that you adjust your mindset and play the long game and not crumble in a heap at your first, second, hell…even third failure.

The worst thing to do to stagnate your business is literally stopping all momentum. If you are moving forward and make mistakes, you are still gaining ground. On the hardest days, you still get up, show up, and take steps forward towards your goal.

EXPECT failure. Failure is merely turbulence along your journey.  Setting your site on your destination means you don’t stop because you feel defeated. Looking two steps in front of you can cause a very short-sided vision. Keeping your end goal in mind, much further down the road, gives you the foresight to take more knocks and keep traveling onward.

If you have been in business any length of time you will know the sinking place I am talking about. When you are failing, keep moving forward. I literally allowed myself to get stuck in knee-deep mud for 2 months, I worked on NOTHING during this time! Talk about mindset work being needed!?

It is very easy to fall into this rut playing to comparison game with other business owners, online. Perfect social media presences make use want to cry. Seeing Instagram pics of Sharon driving her new Tesla while sipping mimosas on the beach with her perfect ass hanging out doesn’t do much for our own drive.

Put your blinders on and do you. Figure out your goal for your business. You goal is the place you walk towards when feeling defeated.  I like to work in 90-day increments, toward my goal. Every month I may have a supporting task that changes in support of my end 90 day goal. If my goal is to get more traffic to my blog, I might work on my Instagram and posting every day for a month. Month 2 might look like cleaning up my Pinterest profile to drive more traffic…you get it.

Whatever your goal looks like to you, breaking it down into actionable steps and putting that on your calendar is how you keep forward momentum on days you want to throw in the towel. When you already know what you will be doing you can still slog through the tough days and making traction in your business.

It is critical to remember, there are going to be launches that don’t launch perfectly, the dream clients that you don’t close, and the product people may not buy. Learn from what didn’t work, reassess, and keep trying.  I am not saying to kick a dead horse. There are some things in business that it makes sense to quit doing when seeing zero return.

What I AM saying is don’t stop taking action, at all. Ignore the mental devil on your shoulder saying you aren’t enough, people don’t care about your message, and steel your resolve to keep taking action!

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