When I say branding and ask my clients what they think of, it is almost always a unanimous reply that branding is related to color palettes and logos. What if I told you there was more…MUCH more to it? Beyond the logo and color scheme, as a company, we want to distinguish ourselves from our competition.

Business branding matters because it differentiates you from your competition and gives clarity to your client as to why you are the better choice. Clients benefit as they also learn what to expect from the experience of your service or products.

  1. A brand is how you feel about what you are consuming. Think Coca-Cola, and what does the brand make you think of? I think of feeling refreshed by their drink. The best brands sell you that feeling! Apple has people on waiting lists just for the next phone release. Are there other brands that offer comparable phones? Of course! They sell you on the experience of getting the next “best” thing, feeling special!
  2. It isn’t just one piece that creates your brand, there are many parts of the puzzle! Things like customer experience, promotional merchandise, reputation, all help to create brand awareness.
  3. Increases your recognition is a sea of businesses just like yours!
  4. Branding increases value when it increases your leverage in your industry.
  5. Attracts new customers to your door, especially when they become familiar with your brand, referrals by word-of-mouth are GOLD!
  6. Beautiful and cohesive branding creates trust factors, it shows you aren’t a fly-by-night business that will be awful to work with.
  7. Lovely branding = Amazing advertising! Why? When your brand is in order, it is very easy have gorgeous, cohesive branding materials.

Many people overlook the importance of creating a luxurious, gorgeous brand dripping the essence of their business. Being very intentional with color schemes, amazing graphics and logo, cohesiveness of everything you put out, it all matters! Every piece of your branding should support the other elements, never looking different anywhere it is posted!

  1. Understand your target market. If they are green, save the earth type enthusiasts, you will want your colors to match their vibe and your business offerings.
  2. Logo, a professional logo is paramount and the cornerstone of your branding. Don’t skimp on this!
  3. Fonts. Use 3 AT MOST. Use a fancy type for headers that have a COUPLE WORDS. No more! Legibility is key here, especially on body copy.
  4. Make sure your mood matches the feeling you want to convey to your client! If you are a litigation lawyer and your brand is light, airy, fluffy clouds, you’ve missed the mark!
  5. Use your brand in the same manner, everywhere. Never let anyone water it down!
  6. Decide on your brand and move on. It is easy to get stuck in this place for months to get it JUST RIGHT.

If branding makes you feel overwhelmed, I am always available as a brand consultant to help you painlessly through the process. We also have designed already done-for-you branding packages. Branding, on average can easily run several thousands of dollars. At a fraction of the time, frustration, and expense!

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