A life lesson I learned from an old man by a river.
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Often I sit near the water, it is my place to reflect and recharge. Having a tough week, I headed down to our local river and parked near the dock. I noticed an older gentleman sitting next to me in his Cadillac. The man’s face showed deep lines of a long life lived, his hair silver with age.

On the seat next to him was a box of old tapes that he was rummaging through. Deciding upon his selection of music he put the tape in and sat back, appearing to reminisce as he looked across the river.

As a spiritual person or an empath, I am ever tuned into those around me. The thing that struck me was the fact he didn’t appear to be happily reminiscing, but rather contemplating something of regret. While I will never know what he was truly thinking, my mind drifted to a place that taught me a valuable life lesson.

What would I think about when I was his age, what would the reflections of my life say to me? Would I be happy with all I had done, the people I had loved, and would I truly have grabbed life with everything I was?

For the last 3 years of my life, ife was upended. I didn’t know who I was, stepping away from my career was devastating. I truly went through a dark night of the soul. I suffered on a journey of wondering why life was stripped from me, as I had known it.

Looking at life today, that journey has driven me along a fantastic, windy road of self-discovery. I learned who I truly was to become and how to help others with my gifts.  My new voice was meant to bring peace and guidance to those that may be suffering as I was for so many years.

I learned that I am meant to give people confidence to be their true being. My journey was meant to teach other people that they can do what they have been uncomfortable doing, owning their voice.

I help entrepreneurs find their confidence!

What would have happened if life wouldn’t have knocked me on my ass? Would I have continued to deny who I was? Most definitely. Many of us coast along, we exist in our world by drifting. It often takes getting knocked down to really find the deepest meaning in our lives. We have to clear that garbage in our lives to find the purity in our souls.

When all of us face the inevitable end, what will our reflection on our past be? Did we merely get by, or did we grab life every chance we had? Did the chance to stand into our true calling escape us because life was too busy with mundane tasks, or did we step up and claim our dreams?

Often, we are too shy to share the gifts God has given us. It’s time to let that shit out. Holding it in keeps us on a path of being common. Denying our true being lands us in a place of depression as we don’t align with what our soul feels we should be.

Who are we to deny the world our gifts and talents? What if that one blog post saved someone from making a mistake, taking their life, or changed their life for the better? Let your message out!

Let your light shine! I can help you find the true you, as you wish it to be!

When I am old and my hair is silver, I can promise you that I will not be proud that I was too scared to share my message because of what a few people “may” have thought about me. I want to know that I truly found my deeper meaning and calling. I want to know that I touched as many lives as I could.

It is truly time, now, to align myself with that calling.  It’s time to adjust my sails to arrive at this destination. I am going to look back and know that gave my all and became who I was truly meant to be. Will you be able to say the same? Is your life headed to the place you always wished you would be, or are you drifting?


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