Who am I?

I'm not just educated, I'm forged in experience

If I were to write all of the normal boring things about me you would expect to see on this page, you might fall asleep.

Here is the truth. My calling wasn’t an easy thing. It found me through deep and dark trials of a health crisis in 2013. For 5 years now I have fought to be the “new” me that came out of a diagnosis that I received only 2 years ago.

I am here because I was forced through a door and out of my career, the best thing that ever happened to me. It forced me to find a business that is aligned with my heart. I would never have had the courage to leave my career in graphic design.

My journey through hell and back forged me into a fighter and strong leader. I lost all confidence, hell, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. What I learned was rediscovery. A rediscovery of a woman lost, one who had shrunk as small as a human could be.

I traveled through a foreign world of online business. I learned just how hard mindset work is to navigate through all of the beautiful faces, enough to sell yourself and your business…and to do so in confidence! I get your doubt, the feeling of who in the hell would buy from me? I get the overwhelm of feeling you are doing all of the things with NO traction.

I get the girl that looks in the mirror and wonders who she is anymore? Why is she the person that lives for everyone else, neglecting her own needs? How did you start to feel so small and want to hide from the world? How do people possibly get visible when running a business, you want to hide and cry when you don’t feel enough to be on social media.

Here is the good news. That person is there, and I can help you find the deepest you. You have to do the work, but I can lead you. Mindset shifts can bring you out of the dark. Working with the shadowy parts that you wish to stuff away is rewarding work that will bring to light the you that you were meant to be. I would love to accompany you on your journey to confidence!

In my online travels, I also discovered that my talent of graphic design was my skill to bring to the world. I work for design agencies as an on-staff designer, but I created another avenue for the new business owner. I get starting out and how expensive everything is. With you in mind, I created predesigned graphics packages that include branding packages with a logo. Your brand is ready to go, out the door! For those ready to invest, I am available to brand you, whichever road you are on, I’ve got you covered!

Yes, I would love to explore coaching! Swipe right! 🙂